Vintage Guitars and the Pandemic

Needless to say, 2020 has been a doozy.  At some point, this will finally all draw to a close.  Once the stay-at-home orders have been lifted and the school-from-home becomes a distant memory, the existential chaos that we all have felt to some degree will hopefully lift like a dense fog.  Without that haze hanging over our heads, what will the new found clarity bring?   Hopefully, we’ll find ourselves the proud owners of some new hobbies or skills (besides checking the news every 20 minutes).  Weather it be cooking, finally learning how to play Chess or digging into that stack of books on your nightstand, it would be a shame to let all of this down-time pass us by for not.

One thing we were relatively certain of back in March was that the vintage guitar market was likely to tank – all signs certainly pointed in that direction – but the market, in fact, has done anything but.   In almost all cases across the board, prices on golden-era vintage guitars are UP – by a margin of at least 20% and often times much more.

The thing not considered was the effect of this pandemic on people’s desire to start checking some boxes off that “I’ll get to it someday” list – and it appears that vintage guitars fall squarely in that category.   Or, maybe, they fall into the same category as the current housing market – which is also up – where folks are now valuing this abundance of at-home time and learning how to live this slower paced life instead of the torrid rip most of us had grown accustomed to.

There are few things more comforting that plopping down on the couch with an old guitar.   Strumming, singing, composing, learning or maybe just playing some simple scales.   There is an inspiration in the old instruments that can’t seem to be harnessed in new guitars – taking in the smells, every finish check, the vibration of the old wood against your belly, the dignity and obvious pride in the craftsmanship…. it’s a hard thing to beat.

While the pandemic persists, we at VCP are more committed than ever to bringing some incredible vintage guitars and basses to market.  We’re always and forever on the hunt for the parts you need to complete the project guitar that you’ve been putting off longer than re-staining your deck or sealing your driveway – now’s the time to get busy and get that project done and then……. just relax!

Stay safe and healthy for the rest of 2020 and into the new year!

With warm regards,

Vintage Correct Parts

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A long overdue update, and Vintage Correct Parts now on Reverb!

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated things here!   VCP has been busy, busy, busy… which is a great thing!   Too busy to update the site with some pics of a happy customer’s vintage axe that is now back to stock (thanks to us!) ???  Probably not.  We’re going to attempt to keep those posts coming in 2019 and into the next decade!   Vintage Correct Parts will hit it’s 10th anniversary this year as being the premier source for vintage guitar parts as well as killer vintage instruments!

The vintage market is about as hot right now as it has ever been with prices creeping back up to 2008 watermarks across the board.   As with the stock market, it’s impossible to say how much higher we can climb before things level off.   One thing that IS for certain is if you’re trying to unload your vintage gear now, originality of parts is an absolute necessity if you hope to get top dollar.   Non-0riginal knobs, tuners, cases, bridges – things that tended to get swapped or “upgraded” over the decades will de-value the potential re-sale value of your vintage axe anywhere from 10% – 15% (or more).   Collectors, Players and Dealers alike are in search of as close to 100% original examples as they can find.

The good news is that Vintage Correct Parts is here to help!   Need an original set of soapbar p-90’s for your 50’s Les Paul?   Need a volume pot for your 63 Strat?   We got ya!

It’s now easier than ever to purchase from VCP with our Reverb Store now fully operational and featuring our full inventory (previously only available on eBay).

We love for it’s ease of use, outstanding customer service and wide variety of payment options.   We, of course, are still on eBay with 100% positive feedback and over 2500 sales.   If you’d prefer to contact us directly, hit the email link on the right of this page and we’ll be happy to put you on a waitlist for your dream set of Double White PAFs, a hard to find 50’s Fender case – we’ll hunt the part down for you!

Thanks and we wish all our customers a safe and happy remainder of 2019 and a very happy and healthy 2020!


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Thanks for your business in 2015, Vintage Correct Parts is psyched for 2016!

Everyone at Vintage Correct Parts would like to take a moment to thank all of our new and returning customers from 2015.   We had an exceptional year and continue to provide the absolute best selection of vintage guitar parts available anywhere on earth.   We helped return some amazing vintage guitars back to “100%” original this year as well as getting some weekend warrior project enthusiasts started on a vintage guitar dream with some great project “husks” as well as vintage Fender necks and bodies.  Vintage guitars are truly our passion and we’re very excited to see what 2016 has in store.   Please keep an eye on our website and especially our eBay store: vintagecorrect for some great things that will be listed in the coming weeks.   We have some AMAZING vintage Stratocaster parts coming up for sale, some killer PAFs, some golden era 50’s and 60’s Les Pauls and a few amazing archtops as well.   That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as we’ll be offering what is, in our opinion, the best 1952-1959 Les Paul Standard “Burst” conversion you’ll ever lay eyes (or hands) on.

As always, you can email us directly at:

We’re happy to deal directly, and put together “package” prices for returning customers – so feel free to shoot us a direct message via email!
Wishing health, happiness and killer vintage tone to everyone in 2016,

The Vintage Correct Parts Team

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Restoration of the week: A refin 1963 Stratocaster gets an original finish body and mint green guard!

Many thanks to our over-the-pond friend, Olivier, for sharing his restoration project with us!   Olivier purchased a very cool and 100% original 1963 Stratocaster body and pickguard from us this summer.  Here is his story….enjoy the before and after pics:

“I bought this 63 L-series Strat many years ago for little money. Unfortunately the Body was refinished and somebody put a preamp in the guitar. Later when the guitar was refinished in Daphne Blue the route for the preamp was filled with wood. The hole in the pickguard was also filled with plastic. For years it was a real player. Because the guitar was always sounding good, Id looked around for a stock replacement body. The screw configuration of the old body the pickguard was the 1959-1962 Style.  Therefore I not only bought the body from Vintage Correct Parts but also the matching pickguard.  To my surprise the body date of the stock body purchased from VCP is August 1963 – same as my neck!  What a nice coincidence. It fits perfectly.”


Fender 63 Strat refinished


Fender 63 Strat refinished backAfter:

63 Strat L 1332663 Strat L 13326 back

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Vintage Restoration of the week: A 1957 Les Paul Custom is back to stock!

For VCP’s latest installment of the “restoration of the week”, we had a few options of some cool recent restorations that we’ve helped complete.  We were mulling over which one to post this week, when this amazing 1957 Les Paul Custom owned by a east coast Les Paul enthusiast popped up in our inbox!

The current owner was looking for a correct set of black “bonnet” knobs as the originals were replaced with early 60’s “reflectors”.  VCP was on the case and sent out a killer matched set of 1957 Black Bonnet knobs the very next day.

This great 1957 Custom was first purchased by Joe Bonamassa from the original owner deep in the south of Florida.   It was then passed on to Joe’s friend and the current owner who restored this guitar, with our help, to original Vintage Correct spec!

Enjoy the following photos:

1) With the original owner who, in 1961, sent his guitar back to Gibson to “have the top repainted so it looked new again” – Gibson installed the reflectors at the time of the top-only refin.

2) “Before” with the 1961 reflectors.

3) “After” – back to stock and totally Vintage Correct!

Stay tuned for another great vintage Les Paul Custom restoration next week!



custom after


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VC restoration of the week (1st edition!): A lovely 1960 Burst is now back to stock and Vintage Correct!

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer our first installment of what will become a weekly series:  The restoration of the week!   We have helped a great number of happy guitar enthusiasts return their prized vintage axe back to original spec.   It may be something as simple as a couple of simple 60’s screws for a Stratocaster pickuguard or set of real 60’s Gibson Pickup covers… These are the easy orders to fill and we do them on an almost daily basis.   We also get inquires for harder to find and high-end parts for the very upper echelon of the vintage guitar stratosphere.

Nothing is more prized, sought after (and expensive) than an original 1958-1960 Sunburst Les Paul Standard.   The true holy grail of vintage guitar enthusiasts.   We’ve been thrilled to help several “bursts” return to 100% original vintage-correct spec.   As much as we have written about this, someone finally decided to call us on it — with a “pics or it didn’t happen” type of friendly email.

Well, it did happen, and we have the pics to prove it!   This one is from a few years ago and is the first Burst that we got “back to stock”.  It belongs to a lovely gentleman in the UK who purchased it from Dave’s Guitar Shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.   Burst enthusiasts will recognize this guitar as unique due to the thin factory “spacer” strip of cream plastic between the neck pickup ring and fretboard.   A rare factory one-off that sets this burst into a category of it’s own.

This great early ’60 Burst was all original except for the stopbar tailpiece and studs.  We supplied the owner with a correct late 50’s vintage Gibson aluminum stopbar and matching studs and he couldn’t have been happier….!   Enjoy the before and after pics below.   The visual differences in the two tailpieces are subtle – but they are there!

Please continue to check back for our “VC restoration of the week” posts.  We have some amazing (and kinda famous) things in store for 2014!

(Click for larger photos!)


Note the bulky and incorrect nature of the repro tailpiece.  Not only does this look incorrect, it would also have an adverse effect on the value of this guitar upon resale.




AFTER:  Much better!

With the correct late 50’s Aluminum Gibson Stoptail and matching studs.
This ’60 Burst is now back to 100% — another happy customer!

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Happy New Year from VCP!

We at VCP would like to wish everyone a very happy 2013.

It’s been a very busy year for us.  So busy, in fact, that we’ve seldom had a chance to update this website.   Our New Year’s resolution is to stay on the ball with weekly posts of interest.

We’d like to send out a reminder that our parts usually go straight to our ebay store.





With the updating of our eBay account becoming so time consuming, we have ceased listing newly available parts on this site (for now).

However, if you see something you like on our eBay site, or if you have a part you’re looking for that we don’t have listed for sale, please contact us at

We’d be happy to open a dialogue with you regarding your parts needs!

All the best in 2013!

Vintage Correct Parts

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Just in: a set of SCREAMERS! (vintage Gibson patent sticker content)

2012 has been off to a great start here at VCP.  We’ve been happy to supply tone junkies and restoration projects around the globe with great vintage pickups, harnesses, knobs and the like.  Please visit our eBay store for all of our current available stock.  We tend to move through inventory quickly and things usually hit our eBay store first, sometimes never making it to our website.

This week, we’re proud to offer another KILLER set of vintage Gibson “Patent Sticker” pickups.  These “screamers” measure in at 8.32k and 8.47k respectively.  Who needs exfoliation when you can drop these in your Les Paul and stand in front of a Marshall stack?  We don’t get to offer pickups up in the mid-high 8k range very often and this is the first time we’ve ever been able to offer a pair!   Strap on your welder’s mask and plug these face-melters on in!  Cheers!

These KILLER pickups HAVE SOLD – Sorry! More coming soon!

Please click the photos below for more info.

Early Patent Sticker - 8.32k

Early Patent Sticker - 8.47k

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A great ’65 Lake Placid Jazzmaster and the first PAF of 2012!!

We here at VCP hope everyone had a wonderful new year.  We are ringing in the new year by offering some incredible parts for sale over the coming weeks.  Please keep an eye out for eBay listings and future posts here on the site for these offerings.  We are also working on the forthcoming “Vintage Correct Parts” newsletter which will spotlight some of our featured parts, give previews of soon to be offered parts and keep you as toasty as an 8.5k PAF this winter.  Please email us at if you’d like to be included on our soon-t0-be mailing list!

In 2012, we will also be offering the occasional guitar for sale.   Specializing in 100% stock and “vintage correct” instruments as well as some killer Les Paul conversions.  Our first offering is currently up on Gbase and eBay:  A 100% original and well played 1965 Lake Placid Blue Jazzmaster.   All the good stuff on this one:  L-serial, Clay Dots, Custom Color, Original case.  Hop on over and take a peek.  We are accepting offers.

1965 Lake Placid Jazzmaster : 100% : Tone Monster!








And now for the reason most of you visit the site:  Our most recent PAF offering!  Ring in the new year with some ringing overtones.  We’ve written before about the magic in low-wind PAFs.  David Wilson at ToneQuest actually chose lower wind PAFs in one of his epic PAF shootouts.  This one clocks in around 7.01k on our meter and sounds absolutely fantastic.  Originally a neck pickup, this is dripping with tone.  Very “reedy” and “throaty” with lots of harmonic detail including the elusive “double tones” that will pop out when bending notes.  Play a nice minor 9 chord and listen to the overtones sparkle… this one does not have the ever-attractive 8.xx reading on the meter, but it is guaranteed to please even the most discerning of ears.  She’s a long magnet PAF in very clean condition.   Don’t delay, this pickup’s matched mate has already sold.  Hopefully this one won’t be sold by the time I finish typing this!  – we took to calling her “Aretha” for her warm vocal like qualities… enjoy! This great pickup has sold – stay tuned for more PAFs in 2012

1959 PAF : Long Mag : 7.01k : "Aretha"

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Pickup of the week : a killer souding purple bobbin wire Patent Sticker PAF

This week’s guest on the special pink blanket is our featured pickup of the week:

This well worn and killer sounding “patent sticker” paf pickup.  this is an early patent sticker as made evident by it’s purple bobbin winding wire.  she’s been used, but not abused.  I’d venture to say that the cover has been off this pickup for most of it’s life… and it shows it with a very cool patina.


My personal favorite are PAF / Patent sticker pickups that read in the high 6k – low 7k range.  sure, you don’t get the screaming highs, but there seems to be more “touch” detail in lower output pickups such as this one.  lots of attention to detail!

This one particular pickup sounds fantastic and I used it in the neck position of one of my favorite vintage ES guitars with great results.  Don’t miss out, this one won’t last!


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