Swaddled in Pink: A Mint PAF!

The Crown Jewel of our Pickups



And doesn’t she look comfortable?





As much as we love our vintage Gibson pickups here at VCP, days like these don’t come around too often.  And by that, we mean the days where we are able to offer a complete unmolested near mint PAF for sale.  We’ve all seen the alternatives for sale: PAFs missing their stickers, covers, beat-up and rode hard, leads clipped short, etc etc.

But how often do we see a PAF that has likely never been removed from it’s original home since the day it left the Gibson factory back in the golden age?  Well, almost never.  That’s how often.

This is one of those rare occasions, and I’m afraid that it does not get more mint than this.  We at VCP wish we could keep pickups like this forever, but it’s time for this one to find it’s forever home.  Weather you’re restoring a vintage Les Paul, jumping into a conversion project, or dressing up that Historic with VINTAGE CORRECT PARTS, this is the pickup that belongs in your axe.

This PAF drips with the classic sizzle you’d expect.  Nice at hot at 7.8k, which we’ve learned is a great range for even tones across the harmonic spectrum.  Sure, 8k pickups are great – and very desirable, but something interesting happens with PAFs that are not over wound…. ya gotta hear it to know what we mean.

As for the specs of this pickup:  Well, the cover has never been off.  The guitar it came out of sits on the cusp of the long mag/short mag transition so we can’t say for sure what magnet it has.  We can say for sure that it’s a “double black” PAF as we gently backed out the baseplate screws for a quick peek at the bobbins.   The pickup comes complete with it’s original M69 ring (never removed) and all of the mounting hardware.

You can click here for more info, pics and purchase:  SOLD!!! / More info


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VCP featured in the new edition of the “ToneQuest Report”!



VCP is proud to announce our first feature in the amazing “ToneQuest Report” or “Toneques Repor” as Stephen Colbert might say.

ToneQuest’s editor and proprietor, David Wilson, has long been known among tone junkies for his painstaking reviews of vintage gear.  Mr. Wilson recently purchased an incredibly clean early 60’s all “PAF spec” Gibson Patent Sticker pickup from us for review in his e-zine.

We won’t give away the plot of the article, but spolier alert: the pickup had “it” in spades.  And by “it” we mean that PAF “sizzle”….

Watch out for future ToneQuest reviews of our vintage Gibson PAF and Patent Sticker pickups!

Thanks, ToneQuest!



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