Vintage Guitars and the Pandemic

Needless to say, 2020 has been a doozy.  At some point, this will finally all draw to a close.  Once the stay-at-home orders have been lifted and the school-from-home becomes a distant memory, the existential chaos that we all have felt to some degree will hopefully lift like a dense fog.  Without that haze hanging over our heads, what will the new found clarity bring?   Hopefully, we’ll find ourselves the proud owners of some new hobbies or skills (besides checking the news every 20 minutes).  Weather it be cooking, finally learning how to play Chess or digging into that stack of books on your nightstand, it would be a shame to let all of this down-time pass us by for not.

One thing we were relatively certain of back in March was that the vintage guitar market was likely to tank – all signs certainly pointed in that direction – but the market, in fact, has done anything but.   In almost all cases across the board, prices on golden-era vintage guitars are UP – by a margin of at least 20% and often times much more.

The thing not considered was the effect of this pandemic on people’s desire to start checking some boxes off that “I’ll get to it someday” list – and it appears that vintage guitars fall squarely in that category.   Or, maybe, they fall into the same category as the current housing market – which is also up – where folks are now valuing this abundance of at-home time and learning how to live this slower paced life instead of the torrid rip most of us had grown accustomed to.

There are few things more comforting that plopping down on the couch with an old guitar.   Strumming, singing, composing, learning or maybe just playing some simple scales.   There is an inspiration in the old instruments that can’t seem to be harnessed in new guitars – taking in the smells, every finish check, the vibration of the old wood against your belly, the dignity and obvious pride in the craftsmanship…. it’s a hard thing to beat.

While the pandemic persists, we at VCP are more committed than ever to bringing some incredible vintage guitars and basses to market.  We’re always and forever on the hunt for the parts you need to complete the project guitar that you’ve been putting off longer than re-staining your deck or sealing your driveway – now’s the time to get busy and get that project done and then……. just relax!

Stay safe and healthy for the rest of 2020 and into the new year!

With warm regards,

Vintage Correct Parts

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