Vintage Correct Parts, INC: Who we are and, more importantly, who we are NOT.

With the vast amount of vintage guitar retailers, private sellers and the like that have flooded both the the eBay and Reverb marketplaces over the last decade, it’s commonplace for the occasional case of “mistaken identity” to occur. Generally similar photographing processes, listing descriptions, backdrops and even inventory can lead to certain confusion.  Vintage Correct Parts has been mistaken for benchmark and legendary businesses such as Historic Makeovers and others.  It is nothing short of a compliment to be mistaken for an outfit at the top of our industry. Problems arise when your online shop is confused with the business of individuals with questionable reputations. In that regard, we feel compelled to issue the following statement:

Vintage Correct Parts is not the business of Steven J. Schmidt.   We are in NO WAY affiliated with this individual. 

Operating in the suburbs just south of Chicago, We have been a licensed business in good standing with the state of Illinois since 2013.   Our eBay history dates back to 2002, with 100% positive feedback.   Our Reverb shop opened around 2016 and also has 100% positive feedback and glowing reviews.

VCP has done extensive business with very respected industry titans including:  The Chicago Music Exchange, Thunder Road Guitars (Seattle), OK Guitars (Connecticut), Lou Gatanas (Uncle Lou’s Rare Guitars), Strat-0-Crazy (Japan), GM Vintage Restorations (BC, Canada), CF Restorations (Indiana), as well as a countless number of individual musicians and touring bands both big and small.

The reputation of Vintage Correct Parts has been built based on the tenants of excellent customer service, communication and honesty.   To be confused with any individual known for the exact opposite is not only hurtful, but also dangerous to the well being and good standing of our business.  Our reputation in the larger community of retailers and musicians is important to us!

While opening a brick and mortar location has always been a dream, we continue to operate strictly online at the moment.  We do not publish our phone number online due to spam and/or robo-calls but are happy to chat directly via phone if need be.  VCP can be freely reached via the eBay or Reverb messaging platforms or via our business email at:


Vintage Correct Parts, (May 2020).




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