A long overdue update, and Vintage Correct Parts now on Reverb!

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated things here!   VCP has been busy, busy, busy… which is a great thing!   Too busy to update the site with some pics of a happy customer’s vintage axe that is now back to stock (thanks to us!) ???  Probably not.  We’re going to attempt to keep those posts coming in 2019 and into the next decade!   Vintage Correct Parts will hit it’s 10th anniversary this year as being the premier source for vintage guitar parts as well as killer vintage instruments!

The vintage market is about as hot right now as it has ever been with prices creeping back up to 2008 watermarks across the board.   As with the stock market, it’s impossible to say how much higher we can climb before things level off.   One thing that IS for certain is if you’re trying to unload your vintage gear now, originality of parts is an absolute necessity if you hope to get top dollar.   Non-0riginal knobs, tuners, cases, bridges – things that tended to get swapped or “upgraded” over the decades will de-value the potential re-sale value of your vintage axe anywhere from 10% – 15% (or more).   Collectors, Players and Dealers alike are in search of as close to 100% original examples as they can find.

The good news is that Vintage Correct Parts is here to help!   Need an original set of soapbar p-90’s for your 50’s Les Paul?   Need a volume pot for your 63 Strat?   We got ya!

It’s now easier than ever to purchase from VCP with our Reverb Store now fully operational and featuring our full inventory (previously only available on eBay).

We love Reverb.com for it’s ease of use, outstanding customer service and wide variety of payment options.   We, of course, are still on eBay with 100% positive feedback and over 2500 sales.   If you’d prefer to contact us directly, hit the email link on the right of this page and we’ll be happy to put you on a waitlist for your dream set of Double White PAFs, a hard to find 50’s Fender case – we’ll hunt the part down for you!

Thanks and we wish all our customers a safe and happy remainder of 2019 and a very happy and healthy 2020!


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