Restoration of the week: A refin 1963 Stratocaster gets an original finish body and mint green guard!

Many thanks to our over-the-pond friend, Olivier, for sharing his restoration project with us!   Olivier purchased a very cool and 100% original 1963 Stratocaster body and pickguard from us this summer.  Here is his story….enjoy the before and after pics:

“I bought this 63 L-series Strat many years ago for little money. Unfortunately the Body was refinished and somebody put a preamp in the guitar. Later when the guitar was refinished in Daphne Blue the route for the preamp was filled with wood. The hole in the pickguard was also filled with plastic. For years it was a real player. Because the guitar was always sounding good, Id looked around for a stock replacement body. The screw configuration of the old body the pickguard was the 1959-1962 Style.  Therefore I not only bought the body from Vintage Correct Parts but also the matching pickguard.  To my surprise the body date of the stock body purchased from VCP is August 1963 – same as my neck!  What a nice coincidence. It fits perfectly.”


Fender 63 Strat refinished


Fender 63 Strat refinished backAfter:

63 Strat L 1332663 Strat L 13326 back

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