Vintage Restoration of the week: A 1957 Les Paul Custom is back to stock!

For VCP’s latest installment of the “restoration of the week”, we had a few options of some cool recent restorations that we’ve helped complete.  We were mulling over which one to post this week, when this amazing 1957 Les Paul Custom owned by a east coast Les Paul enthusiast popped up in our inbox!

The current owner was looking for a correct set of black “bonnet” knobs as the originals were replaced with early 60’s “reflectors”.  VCP was on the case and sent out a killer matched set of 1957 Black Bonnet knobs the very next day.

This great 1957 Custom was first purchased by Joe Bonamassa from the original owner deep in the south of Florida.   It was then passed on to Joe’s friend and the current owner who restored this guitar, with our help, to original Vintage Correct spec!

Enjoy the following photos:

1) With the original owner who, in 1961, sent his guitar back to Gibson to “have the top repainted so it looked new again” – Gibson installed the reflectors at the time of the top-only refin.

2) “Before” with the 1961 reflectors.

3) “After” – back to stock and totally Vintage Correct!

Stay tuned for another great vintage Les Paul Custom restoration next week!



custom after


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