VC restoration of the week (1st edition!): A lovely 1960 Burst is now back to stock and Vintage Correct!

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer our first installment of what will become a weekly series:  The restoration of the week!   We have helped a great number of happy guitar enthusiasts return their prized vintage axe back to original spec.   It may be something as simple as a couple of simple 60’s screws for a Stratocaster pickuguard or set of real 60’s Gibson Pickup covers… These are the easy orders to fill and we do them on an almost daily basis.   We also get inquires for harder to find and high-end parts for the very upper echelon of the vintage guitar stratosphere.

Nothing is more prized, sought after (and expensive) than an original 1958-1960 Sunburst Les Paul Standard.   The true holy grail of vintage guitar enthusiasts.   We’ve been thrilled to help several “bursts” return to 100% original vintage-correct spec.   As much as we have written about this, someone finally decided to call us on it — with a “pics or it didn’t happen” type of friendly email.

Well, it did happen, and we have the pics to prove it!   This one is from a few years ago and is the first Burst that we got “back to stock”.  It belongs to a lovely gentleman in the UK who purchased it from Dave’s Guitar Shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.   Burst enthusiasts will recognize this guitar as unique due to the thin factory “spacer” strip of cream plastic between the neck pickup ring and fretboard.   A rare factory one-off that sets this burst into a category of it’s own.

This great early ’60 Burst was all original except for the stopbar tailpiece and studs.  We supplied the owner with a correct late 50’s vintage Gibson aluminum stopbar and matching studs and he couldn’t have been happier….!   Enjoy the before and after pics below.   The visual differences in the two tailpieces are subtle – but they are there!

Please continue to check back for our “VC restoration of the week” posts.  We have some amazing (and kinda famous) things in store for 2014!

(Click for larger photos!)


Note the bulky and incorrect nature of the repro tailpiece.  Not only does this look incorrect, it would also have an adverse effect on the value of this guitar upon resale.




AFTER:  Much better!

With the correct late 50’s Aluminum Gibson Stoptail and matching studs.
This ’60 Burst is now back to 100% — another happy customer!

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