Just in: a set of SCREAMERS! (vintage Gibson patent sticker content)

2012 has been off to a great start here at VCP.  We’ve been happy to supply tone junkies and restoration projects around the globe with great vintage pickups, harnesses, knobs and the like.  Please visit our eBay store for all of our current available stock.  We tend to move through inventory quickly and things usually hit our eBay store first, sometimes never making it to our website.

This week, we’re proud to offer another KILLER set of vintage Gibson “Patent Sticker” pickups.  These “screamers” measure in at 8.32k and 8.47k respectively.  Who needs exfoliation when you can drop these in your Les Paul and stand in front of a Marshall stack?  We don’t get to offer pickups up in the mid-high 8k range very often and this is the first time we’ve ever been able to offer a pair!   Strap on your welder’s mask and plug these face-melters on in!  Cheers!

These KILLER pickups HAVE SOLD – Sorry! More coming soon!

Please click the photos below for more info.

Early Patent Sticker - 8.32k

Early Patent Sticker - 8.47k

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