A great ’65 Lake Placid Jazzmaster and the first PAF of 2012!!

We here at VCP hope everyone had a wonderful new year.  We are ringing in the new year by offering some incredible parts for sale over the coming weeks.  Please keep an eye out for eBay listings and future posts here on the site for these offerings.  We are also working on the forthcoming “Vintage Correct Parts” newsletter which will spotlight some of our featured parts, give previews of soon to be offered parts and keep you as toasty as an 8.5k PAF this winter.  Please email us at vintagecorrect@gmail.com if you’d like to be included on our soon-t0-be mailing list!

In 2012, we will also be offering the occasional guitar for sale.   Specializing in 100% stock and “vintage correct” instruments as well as some killer Les Paul conversions.  Our first offering is currently up on Gbase and eBay:  A 100% original and well played 1965 Lake Placid Blue Jazzmaster.   All the good stuff on this one:  L-serial, Clay Dots, Custom Color, Original case.  Hop on over and take a peek.  We are accepting offers.

1965 Lake Placid Jazzmaster : 100% : Tone Monster!








And now for the reason most of you visit the site:  Our most recent PAF offering!  Ring in the new year with some ringing overtones.  We’ve written before about the magic in low-wind PAFs.  David Wilson at ToneQuest actually chose lower wind PAFs in one of his epic PAF shootouts.  This one clocks in around 7.01k on our meter and sounds absolutely fantastic.  Originally a neck pickup, this is dripping with tone.  Very “reedy” and “throaty” with lots of harmonic detail including the elusive “double tones” that will pop out when bending notes.  Play a nice minor 9 chord and listen to the overtones sparkle… this one does not have the ever-attractive 8.xx reading on the meter, but it is guaranteed to please even the most discerning of ears.  She’s a long magnet PAF in very clean condition.   Don’t delay, this pickup’s matched mate has already sold.  Hopefully this one won’t be sold by the time I finish typing this!  – we took to calling her “Aretha” for her warm vocal like qualities… enjoy! This great pickup has sold – stay tuned for more PAFs in 2012

1959 PAF : Long Mag : 7.01k : "Aretha"

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