Pickup of the week : a killer souding purple bobbin wire Patent Sticker PAF

This week’s guest on the special pink blanket is our featured pickup of the week:

This well worn and killer sounding “patent sticker” paf pickup.  this is an early patent sticker as made evident by it’s purple bobbin winding wire.  she’s been used, but not abused.  I’d venture to say that the cover has been off this pickup for most of it’s life… and it shows it with a very cool patina.


My personal favorite are PAF / Patent sticker pickups that read in the high 6k – low 7k range.  sure, you don’t get the screaming highs, but there seems to be more “touch” detail in lower output pickups such as this one.  lots of attention to detail!

This one particular pickup sounds fantastic and I used it in the neck position of one of my favorite vintage ES guitars with great results.  Don’t miss out, this one won’t last!


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