VCP featured in the new edition of the “ToneQuest Report”!



VCP is proud to announce our first feature in the amazing “ToneQuest Report” or “Toneques Repor” as Stephen Colbert might say.

ToneQuest’s editor and proprietor, David Wilson, has long been known among tone junkies for his painstaking reviews of vintage gear.  Mr. Wilson recently purchased an incredibly clean early 60’s all “PAF spec” Gibson Patent Sticker pickup from us for review in his e-zine.

We won’t give away the plot of the article, but spolier alert: the pickup had “it” in spades.  And by “it” we mean that PAF “sizzle”….

Watch out for future ToneQuest reviews of our vintage Gibson PAF and Patent Sticker pickups!

Thanks, ToneQuest!



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